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Profile of the University Hospital Regensburg

Regensburg University Hospital is among the most modern hospitals in Germany. It is the only facility in North East Bavaria to be classified in the top category as defined by German hospital planning laws, providing the highest level of care, and as such it serves a population of two million inhabitants of the region.

The University Hospital has 833 beds and 52 treatment places for day-patients. The number of patients has risen steadily from the beginning. In 2015 alone, around 32,500 people came to the hospital for in-patient care, and a further 137,000 for out-patient examination and treatment. A staff of around 4300 professionals care for the wellbeing of the patients. This includes around 700 doctors, more than 1650 nurses, about 1200 medical technicians, and 550 colleagues who work in administration and janitorial services, as well as staff of sub-contracted private firms.

In addition to the care of patients, our activities are focussed on medical research and teaching. Currently around 1900 young people are studying medicine or dentistry in Regensburg. The university’s medical faculty lays great emphasis on the quality of teaching, in order to give our undergraduates the best possible preparation for their future lives as medical professionals. Regensburg University and the University Hospital enjoy an excellent reputation nationally and internationally as a centre of medical research. Here we concentrate on a series of key areas of specialization, including transplantation, immunological pathology and therapy, integrated functional genomics and oncology.

The University Hospital is divided into 27 in- and out-patient departments. They cover all the major specialist fields of medicine and dentistry. Our equipment meets the most modern standards of technology and is constantly adapted to meet new demands.

Regensburg University Hospital has the largest A&E centre in the region. For non-surgical emergencies, traffic accidents and many other kinds of casualties, ambulances and emergency doctors’ cars are in constant operation, and rescue helicopters of the ADAC (the largest German motoring organization) as well as German and US military helicopters are regularly in service.  

An intensive care helicopter, a flying critical care unit with the most modern equipment, is permanently stationed at the University Hospital to transport patients quickly and safely to and from the hospitals in the area, and other specialist centres throughout Germany.

In 2006, additional buildings, mainly for teaching and research, were put into operation. Moreover, the planning process of a further research building as well as of a clinic housing the Department for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine could be finalised. This project to build a Children’s University Hospital was started by some members of staff and the East-Bavarian population in a nationally unique fund-raising campaign . This project named KUNO (Kinder-Universitätsklinik Ostbayern) raised 5.6 Mill. Euros within 20 months.

Through the joint effort of the University of Regensburg, the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital, Regensburg has become the second-largest centre for biotechnological research and development in Bavaria. The buildings "Biopark I" and "Biopark II" located at the University grounds are visible signposts for this development.

Together with the respective Bavarian Ministries of State, the people of the region and the regional business partners, the University Hospital Regensburg is going to stay highly committed to its path.


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