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Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Patient Information

Prof. Dr. med. Christof Schmid

Dear Patient,

Welcome to the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of the University Hospital Regensburg. As you may see in the following pages our dedicated team of heart and lung specialists offers all kind of cardiac and thoracic adult surgical procedures to provide you with an optimal treatment for your disease.

Main focuses of interest are:

On our wards 60, 61 and 46 are predominantly equipped with 1 and 2 bedrooms with shower, toilet, TV, radio, and telephone. You are encouraged to bring along personal items to make yourself even more comfortable. Surgery is usually performed the day after admittance. Thereafter, an intensive care unit and a step down unit with 24h service provide close surveillance until the patients can be referred back to the general ward.  

How to reach us:

How to reach us:
Service hours:   0941-944 9801  
24h – ICU:  0941-944 9830 

Outpatient services:

Outpatient services:
Heart failure:  Monday 08.00-12.00 h 
Thoracic disease:  Tuesday 13.00-15.00 h  
Aortic disease:  Wednesday 13.00-15.00 h 
Pacemaker/ICD:  Thursday 13.00-15.00 h 


Prof. Dr. med. Christof Schmid
Head of the Department


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