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Trauma Surgery

Medical Services

General Orthopedics and Trauma at the University of Regensburg Medical Centre:
• Bone and Soft Tissue Reconstruction
• High-level Joint Replacement Revision Surgery
• All arthroscopic procedures
• Arthroplasty Including Ligament Reconstructions of all kinds
• Cancer and Tumor Surgery
• Arthrodesis
• Non-union Surgery combined with Tissue Engineering Methods
• Hereditary and acquired deformities
• Sports medicine and sports trauma
• Specialized in Cartilage Repair including MACI-Procedure

• Variety of specializations
   o Spine Surgery
       - Invention and development of innovative Spine Implants
         (Obelisc: Replacement of the vertebral body, patented
         in Europe, USA & Japan)
       - Minimally Invasive surgery (muscle-preserving)
       - Combined dorso-ventral stabilization enhanced by
   o Shoulder & Elbow Surgery
       - Chondral Replacement Surgery
       - Joint Replacement
       - Minimally Invasive Rotator Cuff Surgery
   o Hand Surgery
       - Microscopic Surgery
       - Replantation
       - Reconstructive Surgery
       - Joint Replacement of finger, wrist and radio-ulnar joints
   o Pelvic & Hip Surgery
       - Open and Minimally Invasive ilio-pelvic stabilization
       - Periprosthetic Surgery (including fractures, infections and
   o Knee Surgery
       - Chondroplasty including Matrix-based Chondrocyte
       - Meniscus Repair and Replacement
       - Revision of Ligament Replacements
   o Foot and Ankle Surgery
       - Deformity correction by Osteosythesis
       - Prosthetic Surgery
       - Joint Fusion

• Foundation of the Rescue Center Network in Regensburg
• Diagnostic capacity available 24/7 (X-ray, CT and MRI scans)


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