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House rules

Part 1 – General Regulations

§ 1 – Area of validity

  1. The general regulations set out in these house rules apply for all persons who enter the buildings or the grounds of the hospital.
  2.  For patients, persons accompanying patients, and visitors (Part 2) and for employees and personnel who are present on behalf of or with the authorization of the Directorate of the hospital, for example tradespersons (Part 3), specific regulations in addition to the general regulations apply. 

§ 2 – Conduct on the premises of the hospital

  1. In the interests of patients, all visits to the hospital require particular consideration and understanding for the needs of others. For this reason, all persons must conduct themselves in a manner that avoids disruption of patient care or interference with persons or property.
  2. Instructions of doctors and nursing staff, and of the hospital administration, are to be followed immediately.
  3. Road traffic regulations apply on the hospital grounds. In particular, signs prohibiting stopping or parking must be observed. In fire rescue paths (marked “Feuerwehrzufahrt”), § 22 of the Fire Prevention Directive applies.
  4. Litter may not be deposited on the hospital grounds other than in the bins provided for this purpose. The separation of rubbish is obligatory.
  5. The parking of private bicycles, mopeds and motor bikes is prohibited in all buildings of the hospital. Roller blades, skateboards, scooters etc may not be used within the buildings of the hospital. For reasons of flight safety, all use of airspace over the grounds of the hospital (e.g. model aircraft, drones, kites) is prohibited.

§ 3 – Hospital property

  1. For reasons of hygiene, close attention must be paid to cleanliness and proper treatment of all objects and installations in the rooms of the hospital. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to use hospital property without permission. In particular, it is forbidden to take items of hospital property from the wards, cafeteria or other areas out of the premises or to other parts of the hospital.
  2. Changes to building structure including repairs may not be carried out without authorization.

§ 4 – Safety and security precautions

  1. Particular care must be taken with fire and open flames. Smoking and the lighting of any kind of open flame is prohibited both inside and outside in the vicinity of marked areas where flammable materials are stored.
  2. Any occurrences or circumstances which may pose a safety risk must be reported to hospital control room (Tel. 6666), the administration (Tel. 5865 und 5872) or the reception desk.
  3. All safety- and security-related instructions given by Fire Brigade or Police officers, by members of the Directorate or of the hospital administration, or other authorized persons, are to be followed immediately.
  4. For security reasons certain areas of the hospital are under video surveillance. This is for the protection of patients, visitors, employees and property.

§ 5 – Use of Rooms

Rooms in the hospital may not be used for purposes other than hospital work unless written application has been made to the hospital administration well in advance. The person responsible for the event must be named in this application.

§ 6 – Use of Telephones

Patients can make private calls at any time from their rooms using the card system, or by means of public telephones. For employees, the regulation intimated in the letter from the Directorate dated 09.11.2007 will apply.

§ 7 – Hawking and Peddling
Advertising, peddling, begging, making charitable collections and offering goods and private services for sale is prohibited in all areas of the hospital.

§ 8 – Party-political Activities

Campaigning for political parties in either spoken or written form is prohibited in the buildings and on the grounds of the hospital.

§ 9 – Photography and Filming

The making of films or television programmes, or of audio or video recordings, or the taking of photographs, require permission of the hospital’s department of corporate communications.

§ 10 – Alcohol

The excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the hospital.

§ 11 – Smoking

Smoking is generally not permitted on hospital grounds. Outside the buildings, smoking is only permitted in the marked smoking areas. The Health Protection Law (Gesundheitsschutzgesetz GSG) v. 23.07.2010, GVBl. 2010, S. 314 applies.

§ 12 – Legal Liability, Lost Property

  1. The legal liability of the Regensburg University Hospital in cases of theft, accident and damage is restricted to that laid down in law, unless these House Rules explicitly state otherwise.
  2. The use of the playhouse set up in the hospital is at the risk of the user. Children may only use it under the supervision of parents or guardians.
  3. Any objects found on the grounds of the hospital are to be handed in at the reception.

§ 13 – Posters

Posters and other notices may only be hung in designated places, and only with due permission. Unauthorized posters and notices will be removed immediately. Unrestricted posting of notices is permitted on the board in front of the personnel casino. (This will be cleared on the last day of each month.)

§ 14 – Action in cases of infringements

  1. Infringements of these house rules by patients can lead to early discharge. Infringements by visitors can lead to a ban from entering the premises. Infringements by members of staff can lead to internal disciplinary action.
  2. The House Rules of the University Hospital are subject to the supervision of the Medical Director. When she or he is unavailable, and safety or security issues require immediate action, responsibility in individual cases will pass to the Administrative Director of the hospital, or in her or his absence to the director of the hospital’s legal department. Outside of week-day office hours, the house rules are the responsibility of the most senior medical staff (1. Dienst) of anaesthetics.

Part 2 – Special Regulations for patients, attending family and visitors

§ 15 – Inpatients

  1. During doctors’ visits and at meal times, and during treatment, patients should not leave their rooms.
  2. Patients should wear suitable clothing whenever they leave their rooms.
  3. After 10 pm, silence is mandatory.
  4. Patients in closed wards may not leave these without the permission of their doctor.
  5. Inpatients may not leave the hospital grounds without the permission of a doctor. 

§ 16 – Prescriptions and medications

During a patient’s stay in the University Hospital, no outside medicine may be taken without the permission of the attending doctor. The nursing staff is entitled to confiscate any medication brought into the hospital by the patient, or any unused medicine.

§ 17 – Meals

  1. Patients’ meals are prepared according to a general menu or specific doctors’ instructions (in the case of special diets).
  2. For reasons of hygiene, left-over food may not be kept by the patient, and must be returned on the tray.

§ 18 – Items brought by patients

  1. Only clothing and personal effects necessary for the duration of inpatient treatment should be brought into the hospital.
  2. Money and valuables can on request be entrusted to the hospital administration to be stored securely in a suitable manner.
  3. When patients are admitted who are unconscious or incapable of consent, money and valuables will be catalogued in the presence of a witness and passed to the administration for safekeeping.
  4. Items left on the premises become the property of the hospital if they are not collected within twelve weeks of the patient receiving a written reminder.
  5. The reminder specified in paragraph 4 will explicitly state that, should the items not be claimed before the specified deadline, they become the property of the hospital.
  6. Paragraph 4 does not apply to items remaining after a patient’s decease, including money and valuables in the safe-keeping of the administration. The storage, surrender and valorisation of these items is regulated by law.

§ 19 – Limitation of liability

  1. The hospital has no liability for loss or damage to property which remains in the keeping of the patients, or to patients’ vehicles parked on the hospital grounds or other carparks provided by the hospital, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. The same applies to money and valuables which are not placed in the safekeeping of the administration.
  2. Claims of liability for loss or damage to money and valuables in the safe-keeping of the hospital administration and for items belonging to the estate of the deceased which are in the custody of the hospital must be made in writing within three months of the loss or damage becoming known. This three-month period begins at the earliest with the discharge of the patient from hospital.

§ 20 – Electrical devices

  1. Private electrical devices may not be brought into the hospital. Exceptions are devices for body care (e.g. electric razors) and mobile phones and computers (notebook, laptop, tablet).
  2. The use of private radio and television devices is not permitted in the hospital.
  3. The use of active WLAN-devices (especially access-points, WLAN-routers, WLAN-repeaters und WLAN-hotspots) is prohibited. Exceptions require the agreement of the department DV-med.

§ 21 – Exclusion zones

Unauthorized access to operational and technical areas of the hospital and other marked areas is not permitted.

§ 22 – Visits and visiting hours

  1. Visits must be made within the visiting hours as indicated in the notices displayed on the hospital walls.
  2. Visits at other times are permitted only in exceptional cases and only with the permission of the attending doctor.
  3. Visits are not permitted if:
    • the patient is suffering from an infectious disease (exceptions require the permission of the ward doctor).
    • the visitor or any person in her or his domestic circle is suffering from an infectious disease.
  4. Potted plants and domestic animals may not be brought into the hospital. Animals may not be left outside the hospital buildings.

Part 3 – Special regulations for employees and authorized personnel

§ 23 – Conduct on hospital premises

  1. All employees and authorized personnel are expected to show the necessary consideration for the patients’ need for rest.
  2. Work spaces must be locked when not in use.
  3. The loss of keys and transponders must be reported to the administration immediately.
  4. Any items supplied by any of the hospital’s departments must be returned unprompted and in good condition when an employee leaves the service of the hospital. The employee is required to have confirmation of receipt marked on the circulation slip (Laufzettel).

§ 24 – Dress code

All employees are required to follow the hospital’s dress code, and to wear their ID cards.

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