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The centre of our work is the human being. We care for every one of our patients according to their needs, to further their sense of well-being. You will be looked after by a highly qualified and highly motivated team of nurses. Throughout your illness they will support you in your every-day activities, they will strive to optimize the healing process, and they will provide you with your principal point of contact during your time on the ward.

One of your key contact people is your case manager, an experienced nurse who will accompany you through your in-patient experience. The case manager serves as a link between all the other professionals involved in your case, such as physiotherapists, or the Patient Counselling Service. For you as a patient, and for your family, the case manager is available before your admission, during your stay in hospital and in the planning of your discharge.

Important information about your care and treatment is passed on meticulously from shift to shift, and thus is not lost. At shift handovers, all matters are discussed and documented in writing in your record. Thanks to the close co-operation between nursing staff, doctors and all the other professionals at the hospital, we are able to form a clear picture of the progress of your recuperation.

You, the patient, have at all times the opportunity to voice your wishes and have questions answered. It goes without saying that the nurse in charge of the ward and the Head of Nursing will always be open to your suggestions.

Information on the General Health Care Manager and the Divisional Health Care Managers are available under the heading ‘About us’.
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