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Your hospital stay

Meal times and Catering

Our kitchen team prepares tasty and varied meals for you. To aid your recovery, we naturally take account of necessary medical and nutritional principles. At lunchtime and in the evening you have a choice of several menus, unless of course your doctor has prescribed a special diet for you. The menus for the day are posted in your room.

The meals meet the number of calories required for a hospital stay. However, if you wish a larger portion, please inform a member of the ward staff.  

Every ward has a tea kitchen. Here you will find crockery, glasses, cutlery, tea, coffee, mineral water and the ingredients for small snacks. You also have the facility to heat drinks or snacks in the microwave oven.  

If the doctor in charge has prescribed a diet as part of the treatment, please stick to it rigidly, even if other patients are receiving different food. In the interests of your recovery it is sometimes necessary to break with your favourite eating habits. 

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