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Leave of absence and Discharge

Leave of absence

Only in exceptional cases is it possible for in-patients to leave the hospital premises during their period of treatment. The decision rests with the head of department or with his or her representative. The hospital can take no responsibility for any deterioration in a patient’s health or damage to equipment which might occur while the patient is outside the hospital grounds.



Your discharge will be arranged by the doctor as soon as your recovery has progressed sufficiently that in-patient treatment is no longer required. Please do not forget to retrieve any cash or valuables which you deposited when you were admitted.

If you are required to make a co-payment, an invoice will be sent to you after your discharge.

If you are to take any medication after leaving hospital, clarify this with the doctor who is treating you before you leave. Medication from the hospital pharmacy can be provided only for the day you are discharged, and until aftercare can be provided by your GP.

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