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Department of Surgery

Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD

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Head of Experimental Surgery

December 31, 1960, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA

1991 Ph.D. - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Biochemistry minor), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA
1984 Bachelor of Science - Medical Technology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3661-6168
09/2000 - present Professor, Head of Experimental Surgery, with tenure, Departement of Surgery, University Hospital Regensburg, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
1995-08/2000 Associate Professor/Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, USA
1991-1994 Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Surgery and Transplantation
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Transplantation: Executive Editor, January 2015 - present
sponsored by The Transplantation Society (TTS) and the International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS)
( http://www.transplantjournal.com/ )
Transplantation Direct: Executive Editor, January 2015 - present
sponsored by The Transplantation Society (TTS)
( http://www.transplantationdirect.com/ )
Transplantation Research: Editor-in-Chief, March 2011 - December 2014
BMC Journal( http://www.transplantationresearch.com/ )

Guest Editor
Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation: Section Editor 2014, January-December 2014, Cellular Transplantation
( http://journals.lww.com/co-transplantation/pages/default.aspx )

Editorial Board
Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Diseases International (HBPD INT): Editorial Committee Member

2017 Anthony P. Monaco Award from The Transplantation Science Committee of the Transplantation Society (TTS) for the most outstanding translational publication for the SiLVER Study as the most cited article in Transplantation in 2016
2008 Deutscher Krebspreis for Translational Research (German Cancer Society)
1999 Mercator Guest Professorship Award (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
1995 Ortho Biotech/American Society of Transplant Physicians Grant-in-Aid Award
1994 NIH Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award

American Society of Transplantation (AST)
The Transplantation Society (TTS)
European Society of Transplantation (ESOT)
European Liver and Intestinal Transplant Association (ELITA)
Deutsche Transplantationsgesellschaft (DTG)
American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)
MISOT Network - Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Solid Organ Transplantation (MiSOT)

Society Committee Member
Virtual Global Transplantation Laboratory (vGVL) initiative supported by the Transplantation Science Committee of the Transplantation Society (TTS) in collaboration with The ONE Study to develop international standardized protocols for immunological and genetic monitoring of human transplant recipients, including commercialization of ONE Study cell phenotyping panels now marketed by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (2014 - present)
The Transplantation Society Basic Science Committee Member (2013 - present)
ESOT Scientific Program Committee Member for 2015 meeting in Brussels, Belgium

University Committee Memberships
Ethics Committee of the University of Regensburg, Committee Chairman, (04/2019 – present)
Ethics Committee of the University of Regensburg, Committee Member, (2018 – 03/2019)
Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology Steering Board (RCI) (2011 - present)
Regensburg International Graduate School of Life Sciences (RIGeL) (2008 - present)
Animal Protection Commission of the University of Regensburg (2006 – present)

Scientific Interests

  • Immune monitoring
  • Immunotherapy
  • Post-transplant malignancy
  • Molecular oncology
  • Transplantation immunology
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Solid organ transplantation
  • Cellular therapy
  • Immunology and tolerance
  • Tolerance induction strategies
  • Immunosuppressive therapies
  • Metabolomics in cancer

Major Research Projects
1. Study of immunologic tolerance in transplant recipients and in patients with autoimmune disorders.
2. Experimental study of immunosuppression and cancer in transplant recipients.
Title: "Multicentre, open label, randomised, two-arm, parallel-group, superiority study to assess the practicability of Envarsus® compared with Advagraf® in de novo liver transplant recipients (EnGraft Study)"
Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. med. Hans J. Schlitt, Co-Investigator, Dr. med. Daniel Wöhl, Sponsor Representative, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
4. Deutsche Krebshilfe (DKH) Priority Programm "Translational Oncology"
Title: "Preconditioning of tumor, tumor microenvironment, and the immune system to immunotherapy (PROMIT Study)"
Investigators, Prof. Dr. md. Lucie Heinzerling, Dept. of Dermatology, University Hospital Erlangen, Prof. Dr. med. Bastian Schilling, Dept. of Dermatology, University Hospital Würzburg
Title Project 4: "Understanding and predicting therapy outcomes by liquid biopsy"
Investigators, PD Dr. med. Sebastian Haferkamp, Dept. of Dermatology, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD, Dept. of Surgery, Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein, Dept. of Experimental Medicine and Therapy Research,  University Hospital Regensburg
5. Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung
Tile: "Evaluation of ferroptosis inhibition for the treatment of ischemia/reperfusion injury upon liver transplantation: A first-in-man pilot study"
Investigators, PD Dr. rer. nat. Elke Eggenhofer, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD, Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Conrad, Dr. Bettina Proneth, PhD, Hemholtz Zentrum München
6. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
DFG - SFB 1350 Research Group: Tubular System and Interstitium of the Kidney: (Patho-)Physiology and Crosstalk (Prof. Dr. Richard Warth, Speaker)
Title Project B06: "Relevance of immigrating B-lymphocytes and their functional properties for the development o allograft nephropahty"
Investigators, PD Dr. med. Tobias Bergler, Prof. Dr. med Bernhard Banas, Dept. of Nephrology, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
7. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Title: "Mechanism of extracellular citrate uptake and metabolism in cancer; evaluation of gluconate as a possible agent for cancer therapy"
Investigators, Prof. E. K. Geissler, Dr. M. Mycielska
8. Helmholtz Zentrum München "Physician Scientists for Groundbreaking Projects Program"
Title: "Ferroptosis inhibition as a novel pharmacological approach to prevent transplantation-related hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury"
Investigators, Dr. med. I. Göcze, PD Dr. rer. nat. E. Eggenhofer, Prof. E. K. Geissler
9. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Title: "Virus-specific memory T cell responses unmasked by immune checkpoint blockade cause hepatitis"
Investigators, Dr. med. James Hutchinson, PhD, PD Dr. med. Sebastian Haferkamp, Dept. of Dermatology, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
10. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Title: "Immune monitoring of checkpoint inhibitor therapy in melanoma"
Investigators, Dr. med. James Hutchinson, PhD, PD Dr. med. Sebastian Haferkamp, Dept. of Dermatology, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
11. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) project to analyze metastatic disease Progression:
Title: DFG - FOR2127 Research Group: Selection and Adaptation During Metastatic Cancer Progression (Prof. Christoph Klein, Coordinator).
Project B2 "Innate immunosurveillance of metastatic disease"
Investigators, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD, Dr. med. Philipp Renner
Project B3 "The role of non-coding RNAs in metastasis & therapy escape"
Investigators, PD Dr. med. Christina Hackl, Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister
(2014-2021) ( http://www.for2127.de  )
12. European Union FP7 Programme Collaborative Project sponsoring an international consortium to support translational research in cell-based immunotherapy.
Title: The ONE Study : "A unified approach to evaluating cellular immunotherapy in solid organ transplantation"
Principal Investigator and EU Project Leader/Coordinator, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
(2010 - 2019) ( http://www.onestudy.org/ )
Publication 2020: Regulatory cell therapy in kidney Transplantation (The ONE Study): A harmonised design and analysis of seven non-randomised, single-arm,phase 1/2A trials. Lancet. 395(10237): 1627-1639.
13. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) project to investigate early molecular and cellular immunological events that determine long-term allograft success.
Title: DFG - KFO243 Clinical Trial Unit: Early Immunological Determinants of Late Transplant Outcome (ELITE).
Prof. Edwad K. Geissler, PhD - Coordinator, Prof. Dr. med. Hans J. Schlitt - Speaker
(2010-2017) ( http://www-kfo.uni-regensburg.de/  )
14. Clinical study of cancer in liver transplant recipients.
Title: " SiLVER Study : A prospective randomised, open-labeled, trial comparing sirolimus-containing versus mTor-inhibitor-free immunosuppression in patients undergoing liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma"
Principal Investigator and Sponsor Representative/Coordinator, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
(2006-2015) ( http://www.silver-study.org/  )
Publication 2016: Sirolimus use in liver transplant recipients with hepatocellular carcinoma A randomized, multicenter, open-label phase 3 trial. Transplantation. 100(1):116-125.
15. European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST): Cost Action BM1305 focusing on mechanisms of immune tolerance and development of cell-based tolerance-inducing therapies.
Title: "Action to focus and accelerate cell-based tolerance-inducing therapies (AFACTT)"
Investigator and Managing Committee Member, Prof. Edward K. Geissler, PhD
(2013-2017) ( http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/bmbs/BM1305 )

Selected Publications Pdf-File (183 kB)

Teaching and Lecturing Experience
- Research in Experimental Surgery
- Laboratory Training for Research Personnel
- Journal Club and Workgroup Seminars in Experimental Surgery
- Methods in Transplantation Immunology
- Introductory and Advanced FACS Analysis
- Animals Models for Tumor Angiogenesis Research
- Microsurgery Operating Techniques
- Clinical and Laboratory Hematology
- Clinical Immunology and Bacteriology
- Pathophysiology
- Clinical Hematology/Coagulation Practicum
- Clinical Body Fluids and Urine Analysis Practicum

- Numerous basic immunologic assays
- Flow cytometry
- Western blotting
- Cloning
- Animal organ transplantation
- Tumor models
- Cell product manufacturing

Head of Experimental Surgery Research Laboratories and Services

Experimental Surgery and Transfusion Medicine Quality Control Laboratory
The Qualitätskontrolle (QK) facility is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified analytical laboratory shared between Surgery/Experimental Surgery and Transfusion Medicine. The QK lab is responsible for pharmaceutical release testing of transfusion products, such as thrombocytes, granulocytes, CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells and extracorporeal photopheresates. In addition, the QK lab performs a variety of standardised immune monitoring assays, which include comprehensive peripheral blood leucocyte phenotyping and tests of leucocyte function. As a service to clinical researchers at UKR, the QK lab performs its standard assays on request or to support clinical trials. Where sufficient demand exists, the QK lab will develop and validate new clinical assays in partnership with other research groups. Lab Head, Dr. James Hutchinson, Lab Supervisor, Dr. Katharina Kronenberg, Surgery Dept., Qualified Person, Dr. Norbert Ahrens, Lab Head, Dr. Viola Hähnel, Transfusion Medicine.

coTrial Associates - Clinical Trials Group: ( www.cotrialassociates.com  )
coTrial Associates is an experienced clinical trials team offering a wide range of services to support Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs) and other clinical studies at the University Hospital Regensburg. Our support team consists of health care professionals and scientists with considerable international experience in initiating and conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials according to the ethical principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki, and consistent with national laws (e.g. AMG, GCP-V) and international standards (ICH-GCP). Our group cooperates together with the Center for Clinical Studies (ZKS) at the University Hospital Regensburg to provide hospital-wide clinical trial support.

Experimental Surgery Research Laboratory:

  • Laboratory training for postdocs, doctoral students and research laboratory staff
  • Journal Club and Workgroup Seminars in Experimental Surgery
  • Methods in Transplantation Immunology (Seminar)
  • Introductory and Advanced Training in Microsurgery Suturing and Operating Techniques
  • Practical Training in Animal Experimental Models for Tumor Angiogenesis Research
  • Introduction and Advanced FACS Analysis for Research Personnel

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