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Research Activities of the Laboratory for Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology – Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation

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The Team:

Prof. Michael Rehli

Dr. Claudia Gebhard

Dr. Nicholas Strieder

Ute Ackerman

Margit Nützel

Johanna Raithel

Hanna Stanewsky

Jan Bartel

David Dittmar

Alexander Fischer

Sebastian Brunner


Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology & Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation

Although every cell in the human body shares an identical genome, most genes are only activated in certain cell types, at specific developmental stages, or upon stimulation. To organize and manage genetic information and to enable cellular specification, nature has evolved sophisticated mechanisms that facilitate the tightly controlled, accurate activation of genes.

Our laboratory is interested in the processes that orchestrate cell type-specific gene regulation during cellular differentiation. We study the interplay between transcription factors, epigenetic mechanisms (in particular DNA methylation) and 3D genome architecture in regulating hematopoietic lineage specification and leukemia development. For further information see www.ag-rehli.de.



About the Principal Investigator:

Michael Rehli is a chemist by training and completed his PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Regensburg, Germany in 1996 already working on human macrophages. He spent his postdoc time with David Hume at the CMCB at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia on a DFG training fellowship and returned to Regensburg in 1999 where he won a prestigious DFG Emmy-Noether fellowship to continue his work on gene regulation in macrophages. In 2007 he joined the international FANTOM consortium and contributed to the seminal efforts to systematically map gene regulatory elements across human tissues and cell types. Since 2010, he is Professor at the Department for Internal Medicine III of the UKR and since 2016 he additionally heads the NGS Core of the Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology (RCI).

Research Funding of ongoing projects:

Our work is currently funded by several grants from the DFG.


Key Awards:

· ‘Kulturpreises Ostbayern der OBAG’ for an outstanding dissertation (1997)

· Emmy-Noether-Fellowship (2000)

Selected Publications:

· Mendes et al. (2021). The epigenetic pioneer EGR2 initiates DNA demethylation in differentiating monocytes at both stable and transient binding sites. Nat Commun 12:1556

· Minderjahn et al. (2020). Mechanisms governing the pioneering and redistribution capabilities of the non-classical pioneer PU.1. Nat Commun 11:402

· Gebhard et al. (2019). Profiling of aberrant DNA methylation in acute myeloid leukemia reveals subclasses of CG-rich regions with epigenetic or genetic association. Leukemia 33:26-36

· The FANTOM Consortium. (2014). A promoter level mammalian expression atlas. Nature 507, 462–470

· Andersson et al. (2014). An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues. Nature 507, 455–461

· Pham et al. (2012). Dynamic epigenetic enhancer signatures reveal key transcription factors associated with monocytic differentiation states. Blood 119, e161-71

· Klug et al. (2010). Active DNA demethylation in human postmitotic cells correlates with activating histone modifications, but not transcription levels. Genome Biol 11, R63.




Prof. Dr. Michael Rehli
Department of Internal Medicine III
University Hospital Regensburg
F.-J.-Strauss Allee 11  |  D-93053 Regensburg

RCI Regensburg Centre for Interventional Immunology
c/o University Hospital Regensburg
F.-J.-Strauss Allee 11  |  D-93053 Regensburg

Lab meeting: Monday 8.30 am, Seminarraum Research Building H1

Web page: http://www.ag-rehli.de

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