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Research Topics

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Genetic epidemiology of complex renal traits

Heritability studies have shown that 30-40% of the variability of renal function (glomerular filtration rate, GFR) and urinary albumin excretion (albuminuria) are explained by genetic factors. This has been shown in general population studies and in disease specific cohorts, such as patients with diabetes mellitus.
With the method of genome wide association analysis (GWAS), genetic variants of the whole genome are systematically analysed for association with specific phenotypes such as eGFR, or albuminuria, or kidney disease
In collaboration with Iris M. Heid (Dept. of Genetic Epidemiology, University of Regensburg), we are active participants in the Analyst Group of the CKDGen Consortium. CKDGen is an international collaboration of population based studies dedicated to unravelling the genetics renal traits such as eGFR and albuminuria, using GWAS meta-analysis.

Epidemiology of diabetes-associated micro- and macrovascular end Points

Almost 10% of the general population have type 2 diabetes, and diabetes is associated with a significant increase in micro- and macrovascular morbidity. After 10 years of diabetes, about 25% develop diabetic nephropathy, which can progress to end stage renal disease. Hypertension and blood glucose control explain only part of the risk for diabetes-associated complications. It is our aim to discover biomarker and genetic variants contributing to this risk.
To reach this goal, we have recruited two prospective cohorts with biomaterial banks of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2: DIACORE and GENDIAN (see "Current Projects”).

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