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ON-ESSKA kick-starter grant

Treatment of the meniscus tears using microfragmented adipose tissue through intra-articular and homologous approaches

PI: Dr. Pattappa
Co-applicants: Prof. Docheva, Prof. Angele 
ON Foundation-ESSKA  ON Foundation 
Imaging system for recording advanced time series (Time-Lapse imaging)

Co-ordinator: Prof. Docheva
Co-applicants: Prof. Angele/Prof. Pfeifer/Prof. Zellner, Prof. Graessel, Prof. Prantl, Prof. Brochausen-Delius, Prof. Reichert/PD Bauer 
DFG/Großgeräte der Länder Programm   
European Grant, Horizon 2020

ACHILLES: Overcoming specific weaknesses in tendon biology to design advanced regenerative therapies

PI: Prof. Docheva
Co-applicant: Prof. Angele
European Fund, Horizon 2020  Achilles 
European Grant, Horizon 2020 – NMBP-TR-IND

MEFISTO: Meniscal functionalized scaffold to prevent knee osteoarthritis onset after meniscectomy

PI: Prof. Angele
Co-applicants: Prof. Docheva, Dr. Pattappa
European Fund, Horizon 2020  Mefisto 
BayIntAnt Grant

Deciphering tendon degeneration and pioneering tendon regeneration

PI: Prof. Docheva 
DFG Congress Grant

6th Translation in Regenerative Medicine Meeting 2018

PI: Prof. Docheva
Co-applicants: Prof. Angele, PD Dr. Zellner, Dr. Pattappa  
European Grant, ETZ Bayern-Czech 2014-2020 (INTERREG V)

MATEGRA: Advanced porous biomaterials functionalized with stem cells for augmented osteointegration of implants

PI: Prof. Docheva
Co-applicants: Prof. Nerlich, Prof. Angele, Dr. Loher
Researchers: Theresia Stich, Svetlana Stryshkowa, Manuel Delgado-Caceres  
European Fond for Regional Development (EFRE)  MATEGRA 
BayWISS scholarship

Laser-induced transfer of human mesenchymal cells using near infrared femtosecond laser pulses for the precise configuration of cell nichoids

PI: Prof. Docheva
Co-applicants: Prof. Huber and Prof. Clausen-Schaumann (University of Applied Sciences, Munich)
Researcher: Jun Zhang, M.Sc.
BayWISS Health Program   
DFG Congress Grant

25th Annual and Anniversary Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society

PI: Prof. Docheva
ExCarBon DFG Forschungruppe

Preconditioning of mesenchymal stem cells with mechanobiological load and hypoxia for joint regeneration in moderate osteoarthritis

PI: Prof. Angele
Researchers: Dr. Girish Pattappa, Ruth Schewior
DFG  ExCarBon 
DFG Einzelantrag

Examining the role of tenomodulin in the process of tendon healing using a tenomodulin knock-out mouse model

PI: Prof. Docheva
Alumni Researcher: Manuel Delgado-Caceres
Chinese Scientific Council Scholarship (CSC)

To investigate a gel carrier combined with tendon stem/progenitor cells (TSPCs) for tendon tissue engineering

PI: Prof. Docheva
Researcher: Heyong Yin
Chinese Scientific Council Scholarship (CSC)   
Chinese Scientific Council Scholarship (CSC)

Generation of three-dimensional tendon cell sheets and in vivo testing in clinically relevant injury model

PI: Prof. Docheva
Researcher: Zexing Yan
Chinese Scientific Council Scholarship (CSC)   

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