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Name: Manuel Delgado-Cáceres
Prize: Best short oral presentation award
Prize giver: 2nd ACHILLES conference - Tendon biophysical environment (Hotel Vila Gale collection, Braga) 

Name: Franziska Strunz
Prize: Best short oral presentation award
Prize giver: 1st ACHILLES conference - advancing tendon regenerative therapies Meeting (3B´s Research Group, Universtiy of Minho, Porto) 

Name: Jonas Krückel 
Prize: Research fellowship for Doctoral students 
Prize giver: DGOOC 


Prof. Denitsa Docheva elected EORS President at EORS Galway 2018. Photo taken from the Meeting with fellow new board members.

Name: Dr. Girish Pattappa
Prize: EORS Travel award 
Prize giver: ON/EORS Education scholarship 2018

Name: Prof. Dr. Denitsa Docheva
Prize 1: Tendon Section Podium Award 
Prize giver: ORS (Orthopaedic Research Society)
Prize 2: Best Spine Poster Award, eCM XVIII
Prize giver: AOSpine/eCM journal


Name: Dustin Franke
Prize: Dr. med. Thesis stipend: "Development of a focal Early OA model for evaluating cartilage tissue engineering strategies"
Prize giver: Medical Faculty, University Hospital, Regensburg


Name: Moritz Riedl 
Prize 1: Congress stipend (TERMIS Davos, Schweiz) 
Prize giver:
"Friends of University of Regensburg"
Prize 2:
Dr. med. Thesis stipend: "Attenuation of Hypertrophy in chondrogenically differentiated human MSCs via Treatment with a Retinoic Acid Receptor Inverse Agonist"
Prize giver: Medical faculty, University Hospital, Regensburg 


Name: Dr. Markus Loibl
Prize: Travel grant (UCSF, San Francisco, USA)
Prize giver: German Society for Trauma Surgery (DGU)


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