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Helipad INFO

There is a med evac landing area with two helipads at the University Hospital Regensburg which is approved by the German Aviation Authority according to § 6 LuftVG. The lower (southern) helipad 2, together with the helicopter hangar, is the home base of the DRF Luftrettung Christoph-Regensburg rescue helicopter (Phone: +49 941-9465800). 

The upper (northern) helipad 1 is available for external med evac rescue helicopters.

Description helipad 1 (external rescue-helicopter, US-Army med evac etc.) 
Operating times  24/7 
Coordinates  48°59,27´N
Height above sea level  416.90 m (1.367,7 ft) 
Arrival/departure sectors:  segment 003° bis 183°
segment 213° bis 033° 
Dimension  square with l=30m (900 m²) 
Cover  Concrete, dust-free, load-bearing 
Lighting  VHF 129.900 MHz 5 x PTT,
max. 7 x PTT 
Webcam Helipad
For access password please call
+49 941-9442316 (crew-only) 
Contact UKR Emergency Room  Phone: +49 941 944-2316 
Patient arrival announcement  via Regensburg Emergency Dispatch Center (ILS Regensburg)
or call +49 941 944-2316 or -2323.

Pick up at helipad by arrangement!


Major incident (MANV):

In the case of a major incident event, an emergency landing surface north of the main entrance, marked by a "Y", exists as required. The use of this area is subject to approval by the UKR hospital major incident command or the Regensburg Emergency Dispatch Center (ILS Regensburg).


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