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Blood donation

Experience reports

What our blood donors say:  

Marco K. (41) – has already donated his blood more than 220 times:

“I am a passionate motorcyclist, but have already witnessed, in friends and acquaintances, how dangerous my hobby can be. If I ever have a serious accident and am dependent on blood transfusions, I hope that I can rely on my fellow people.”

Ines M. (38) – has already donated her blood more than 50 times:

“If everyone does there bit, it can be better for everyone. I am lucky enough to be healthy and am delighted to be able to pass some of that on. All that I have to give is a little time.”

What our patients say:

Ludwig K. (58) had leukaemia:

“I was never fighting against the leukaemia alone. During my therapy, I received donor blood almost every day. Therefore, I had many people fighting with me, who helped me to overcome the leukaemia.

Verena W. (26) had a serious car accident:

“I was the driver and the other car’s headlamps were suddenly right in front of us. I cannot remember any more. When I later woke up again in the hospital, I found out that I had received 114 blood transfusions. Thank you to all the blood donors; I would not be alive without you!”