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Blood donation

Prerequisites for the donation

In order to be able to help others, donors must be healthy. Healthy means not having any chronic illnesses and not being dependent on medication long-term.

    • Good health: no chronic illnesses, no permanent regime of medication, suitable haemogram values
    • Donor age: 18 – 68 (new donors: no older than 60)
    • Minimum weight: 52 kg incl. clothing
    • Good veins – the GP does not find it difficult to take blood
    • An adequate knowledge of written and spoken German
    • Permanent place of residence
    • Travel to areas where infectious diseases that can be transferred by blood are widespread
    • Use of certain medication
    • Hay fever, colds
    • Vaccinations
    • Operations, medical interventions, piercings and tattoos
    • Risk behaviour
    • Drug addicts
    • Hepatitis B, C or HIV (AIDS) sufferers
    • Recipients of transplants originating from an animal
    • Members of HIV risk groups and sexual contacts of people in risk groups
    • People who are suffering from cancer or are in remission

Before donating blood, you must observe the following rules:

  • Do not drink any alcohol for 12 hours before the donation because alcohol dehydrates your body
  • Do not consume any fatty or protein-rich foods for 6 hours prior to the donation
  • Before the donation, drink at least 0.5 – 1 l of liquid (no coffee, black or green tea). Drinks are available during and after the donation. After the donation, please drink up to an additional 2 l, spread across the day.
  • Please have a good breakfast. Half a dry bread roll is not sufficient. On no account should you donate blood on an empty stomach!
  • Do not smoke for two hours before and after the donation!
  • Bring a valid personal ID with you.
  • Do not get out any chewing gum. There is a risk of choking during the donation.
  • Do not do much sport on the day before the donation and do none at all, as far as possible, on the day of the donation
  • Please rest for 30 minutes after the donation. You can only drive after your circulation is stable once more.
  • Protect your veins by switching the side of the venipuncture.