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Blood donation

Did you know that...

  • a donation that takes place in the morning can save the life of a patient at Regensburg University Hospital that same evening?
  • many patients with leukaemia, lymphomas and other cancers need thrombocyte concentrates daily, in order to compensate for the reduction in blood clotting as a result of chemotherapy?
  • leukocytes (white blood cells) can be used to fight life-threatening infections during chemotherapy and stem cell transplants?
  • patients need 100 or more blood transfusions after accidents with a heavy loss of blood?
  • blood reserves are routinely kept ready before many operations?
  • donating blood also has many positive side effects for the donor? Regularly donating blood cells stimulates the bone marrow to effective blood production, causing the blood cells and the blood plasma to be renewed within a short time. As a donor, you will receive a regular health check. In addition to the infection diagnostic and the haemogram, your blood pressure, pulse and body temperature will also be measured before every donation. After the blood cell donation, you will receive a snack and compensation commensurate to your time expenditure.